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Young Parents

As a program of YFC Winnipeg, Young Parents serves to engage and encourage young families to discover hope and wholeness in Jesus through relational community, while equipping and empowering them toward growth in all areas of life.

Young Parents is a place for pregnant and parenting young people (ages 15-25) to be part of a supportive community.

2023 Fall/Winter Program Times:

  • Young Moms Group night: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-8pm (Starting Tuesday, September 26)
  • Young Dads Group night: Thursdays every other week, 6-8pm (Starting Thursday, September 28)

2023 Fall/Winter Events:

  • PostPartum Workshop, Tuesday, October 3, 1-3pm


For questions about Young Parents programming and to find other ways to get involved, please email us at the address above!


How we live out our mission


Meeting young parents where they are at; supporting them through physical resources; providing a safe space for them to interact with caring, supportive adults; sharing the love of Jesus in simple ways; starting the process of helping them build a supportive community around them.


Being a positive role model and speaking into young parents and families based on their strengths; building on that foundation for them to find strength to grow as a person and a parent; walking with them on their journey so they know they are not alone; sharing the hope of Jesus in simple ways; continuing to build a supportive community around them.


Supporting through physical resources; provide opportunities for learning life-skills; parenting classes; personal and group mentoring to walk through life’s challenges and grow from them, learning healthy resilience; sharing the truth of Jesus; continuing to build a supportive community with them.


Building on their strengths; supporting them as they grow and develop both as parents and individuals, learning to weather life’s storms with resilience and strength; choosing their own paths for their family’s success in life; sharing the strength of Jesus; continuing to build a supportive community with them; helping them to understand they can be a transformative presence in their own families and communities.

Young Moms Group

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We see the hope and potential in EVERY young person!