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Summer Grant Subsidy Fund

Each summer, Youth for Christ Winnipeg hires dozens of young people to help run day camps, sports leagues, drop-in programs, job skills training, and other outreach initiatives in Winnipeg and Satellite locations in our province. These summer jobs offer valuable mentoring, leadership training, and spiritual development giving youth a transformative summer work experience that provides them with the building blocks to help positively shape their future, and even develops their potential to become future staff members. All of this contributes to seeing us fulfil our purpose: to engage and equip youth to know and follow Jesus.

We are looking to raise $165,000 to hire staff positions this summer to continue to provide programming for youth.

Total Needed:


Amount Raised:


Thank you so much to the many who have partnered with us in this. We are trusting in God with this new need for funds and remain excited for the way His Kingdom will be impacted this summer.

If you would like to make a gift towards this need please click the link below and make sure to designate your gift as “Summer Staff Subsidy”

For decades, YFC Winnipeg has been blessed to receive funding from the Federal (Canada Summer Jobs Grant) and Provincial government (Urban Green Teams) to create these summer work experiences for young people, as well as programming opportunities for hundreds of youth. On average, over the last four years this has created 45 positions annually, made possible through approximately $165,000 of grant funding each year.

Last year, along with Youth for Christ chapters across Canada, we faced the disappointment of not being approved to receive federal grant funding through the Canada Summer Jobs program. As we approach this year’s summer hiring cycle, we anticipate facing similar challenges, compounded by the denial of provincial funding support.

The ripple effects of this lack of government funding are significant. Without these resources many youth and young adults we work with (who want to work in Christian organisations like ours) will lose opportunity for summer employment, and some of our programs will be at risk of being downsized for the summer, leaving participating youth with less opportunity or no programs.

As we look ahead, we truly believe in the positive impact of our summer job program and the youth it serves. We’ve seen how it changes young lives by giving them meaningful work with lasting value.  Our dream for the future is to never have to rely on government money to hire young people for the summer. That’s why we’re setting up a special fund with a goal of moving beyond $165,000 annually specifically for hiring young people for our summer programs.